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Network Design & Optimization

Continental offers comprehensive network designs, re-designs, and design reviews for SMB Enterprise network infrastructures. Whether it’s a pure Cisco-based network or a multi-vendor, equipment-based network, we have the necessary expertise.

Routing and Switching

Continental our routing & switching consultants employ strategic project planning to ensure proper installation, sound network design, and ongoing support of your network.

Network Security

Continental plans and builds security compliant networks to minimize these risks, reduce IT administration burden, and optimize response time.

Service Provider Consulting

Service Providers allow access to the backbone of the Internet. Technology such as next-generation video, voice, and an ever-growing variety of Internet-related applications are dependent upon their capability and performance.

Wireless Networking

Continental’s cutting-edge Wireless LAN and WiFi services include product consultancy, design reviews, as well as network and security design.

Trade-In & Asset Recovery

Do you have networking equipment you no longer need or use? Continental Asset Recovery System (CARS) is an innovative program that addresses the growing need for obtaining a better return on original investments in mature technologies.

Pre-Configuration and Staging

Continental can assemble, configure, test, and burn in solutions to your build requirements prior to shipping.

DEC & Legacy Equipment Maintenance

Continental has been chosen to support and maintain DEC AlphaServers, VAX and PDP systems for leading universities, government contractors, and other major institutions.