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Whether you need to expand your network or replace a bad server, Continental Computers has one of the nations largest inventories of new, used, and refurbished DEC/Compaq VAX, MicroVAX, Alpha Servers, Storageworks and legacy equipment spares.

With a dedicated staff of trained DEC technicians we've been catering to DEC/Compaq users and third-party maintenance companies for over 20 years. Even if you thought you could never find that obscure fan or 10 year-old bracket, try us. If we don't have what you need, we know how to find it.

dec Alphaserver
Alpha 3000 Series Alphaserver Misc. AS1000 Series
AS1200 Series AS200 Series AS2000 Series
AS2100 Series AS300 Series AS400 Series
AS4000 Series AS500 Series AS600 Series
AS7000 Series AS800 Series AS8000 Series
DEC2000 Series DEC3000 Series DEC4000 Series
DEC7000 Series DS Series DS20 Series
ES40 Series GS Series Multia Series

dec Alphastation
AS200 Series AS255 Series AS300 Series
AS400 Series AS500 Series AS600 Series
PWS 433 Series PWS 500 Series PWS 600 Series

dec Dec Pc
All Pc'S

dec Drives
RRD Series RW Series RX Series

dec Hard Drives
RK Series

dec Hub
90 Series Etherworks

dec Hubs
90 Series 900 Series DECHub One

dec Infoservers
100 Series 1000 Series

dec Keyboards
LK Series

dec Mainframes
VAX 11/750 Series VAX 11/780 Series VAX 6000 Series
VAX 7000 Series VAX 8000 Series

dec Minicomputers
DS7000 Series MicroVAX 3100 Series MicroVAX 3300 Series
MicroVAX 3500 Series MicroVAX 3800 Series PDP Series
VAX 3000 Series VAX 4000 Series

dec Modems

dec Monitors
FR Series VR Series VRC Series
VRT Series VX Series

dec Mouse
Vs Series

dec Network Options

dec Non-Dec
Able Comm Caminton CMD
Digital Pathways Dilog Emulex
MDB Simpact Viking

dec Peripherals

dec Printers
BP Series LA Series LF02 Series
LG Series LJ Series LN Series
LP Series LPS Series LQ Series

dec Printservers
200 Series 500 Series

dec Repeaters
200 Series 90 Series 900 Series

dec Star Coupler
SC Series

dec Storageworks
BA Series DS Series SBB Series
Solid State SW Series

dec Switches
100 Series 150 Series 200 Series
250 Series 500 Series 600 Series
90 Series 900 Series Channel Server
DECNIS Etherworks GIGASwitches

dec Tape Drives
TL Series TU Series

dec Terminal Servers
100 Series 200 Series 250 Series
300 Series 500 Series 700 Series
90 Series 900 Series

dec Terminals
VGB Series VT Series VX Series

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