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Cable | GBICs | Module | Redundant Power Systems (RPS) | Spares and Accessories | Workgroup Switch |
 Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL Cable
CAB-5MODCM= Cable Assemblies Spares (Used Cisco)
CAB-GELX-625= Gigabit Ethernet Multimode Conditioning Cable (Used Cisco)
CAB-GS-1M 1 meter cable for GigaStack GBIC (Used Cisco)
CAB-GS-50CM 50 centimeter cable for GigaStack GBIC (Used Cisco)
CAB-RPS-1414 1 RPS 300 CONNECTOR CABLE 14/14 (Used Cisco)
CAB-RPS-1614 1 RPS 675 connector cable 16/14 (Used Cisco)
 Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL GBICs
WS-X3500-XL Cisco GigaStack GigaBit Interface Converter (Used Cisco)
 Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL Module
 Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL Redundant Power Systems (RPS)
PWR300-AC-RPS-N1 Redundant Power System 300 (RPS 300) w/ 1 connector cable (Used Cisco)
PWR600-AC-RPS-CAB 600W Redundant AC Power System With DC Power Cables (Used Cisco)
PWR600-AC-RPS-NCAB 600W Redundant AC Power System W/O DC Power Cables (Used Cisco)
 Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL Spares and Accessories
STK-RACKMOUNT-1RU= Rack Mount Kit for 1RU Catalyst 1900 2900XL 3500XL / FastHub (Used Cisco)
 Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL Workgroup Switch
WS-C3508G-XL-EN Cisco 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch w/ Enterprise Software (Used Cisco)
WS-C3512-XL-EN Catalyst 3512 XL Enterprise Edition (Used Cisco)
WS-C3524-PWR-XL-EN Catalyst 3524-Inline Power-Enterprise Edition (Used Cisco)
WS-C3524-XL-A Catalyst 3524XL-24 10/100 ports and 2 1000BaseX Uplinks (Used Cisco)
WS-C3524-XL-EN Catalyst 3524 XL Enterprise Edition (Used Cisco)
WS-C3548-XL-EN Cisco 48 Port 10/100 Switch w/ 2 Gigabit Uplinks (Used Cisco)

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