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Part of the Cisco Content Networking product line, Cisco IP/TV is the turnkey solution for delivering networked video with unparalleled ease of use and integration with IP network services. Cisco IP/TV supports live video, scheduled video, video (VoD), synchronized presentations and screen captures, and a wide range of video management functions.

The Cisco IP/TV 3400 Series servers with preconfigured software, preinstalled capture cards, network interface cards and device drivers offer an easy way to deply network video throughout the enterprise.

Chassis | License | Resolution Capture Card | Server |
 Cisco IPTV 3400 Series Chassis
IPTV-3400-KEYBRD= Spare Keyboard for the IP/TV 3400 Series Hardware Servers (Used Cisco)
IPTV-3400-MOUSE= Spare Mouse for the IP/TV 3400 Series Hardware Servers (Used Cisco)
IPTV-3412-CTRL Cisco IP/TV 3412 Control Server (Used Cisco)
IPTV-3417-START-M Cisco IP/TV 3417 MPEG-1 MPEG-2 Half D1Starter System (Used Cisco)
IPTV-3425-BCAST-M Cisco IP/TV 3425 MPEG-1 MPEG-2 Full D1 Broadcast Server (Used Cisco)
IPTV-3425A-BCAST-M Cisco IP/TV 3425 MPEG-1 Broadcast Server (Used Cisco)
IPTV-3432-ARCH Cisco IP/TV 3432 Archive Server (Used Cisco)
 Cisco IPTV 3400 Series License
IPTV-VIEW-MP2-1000 MPEG2 Software Additional 1000 Viewer License (Used Cisco)
IPTV-VIEW-MP2-ADD MPEG2 Software Decoder Additional Single Viewer License (Used Cisco)
IPTV-VIEW-MP2-BASE MPEG2 Software Decoder Base Kit inc. docs CD and 1 license (Used Cisco)
IPTV-VIEW-MP4-LIC 100 Client MPEG-4 License (Used Cisco)
 Cisco IPTV 3400 Series Resolution Capture Card
IPTV-MPEG2-CABLE= Spare cable set for MPEG 2 HD1/FD1 Cards (Used Cisco)
IPTV-MPEG2-FD1 MPEG1/MPEG2 Full D1 Resolution Capture Card (Used Cisco)
IPTV-MPEG2-HD1 MPEG1/MPEG2 Half D1 Resolution Capture Card (Used Cisco)
 Cisco IPTV 3400 Series Server
IPTV-CM-3.4 IP/TV Content Manager Software (Used Cisco)
IPTV-CM-3.4-UPG Ver. Upgrade 2.x 3.x to 3.4 IP/TV Content Manager (Used Cisco)
IPTV-SERV-3.4 IP/TV Server Software Version 3.4 (Used Cisco)
IPTV-SERV-3.4-UPG Ver. Upg. 2.x 3.x to 3.4 IP/TV Server (Used Cisco)
IPTV-SERV-MP4-3.4 IPTV 3.4 Server Winnov card 100 client MP4 license (Used Cisco)
IPTV-START-HD1-3.4 Cisco IP/TV 3.4 Software Starter Kit w/ MPEG1/2 HD1 Card (Used Cisco)

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