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The Cisco LS 1010 is a Layer-3 enhanced ATM switch that seamlessly integrates wire-speed Layer 3 switching and ATM switching in to a single chassis, eliminating the need for network managers to make a technology choice.

Unlike old first- or second-generation ATM switches that force customers into a costly, multi-system solution, the LS1010 provides a cost-effective, scalable, integrated ATM and Gigabit/Fast Ethernet solution in a single chassis.

Carrier Modules (CAM) | Chassis | License | Memory | Port Adapter Module (PAM) | Power Supply | Processor | Spares and Accessories |
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series Chassis
L1010-CHAS5 LightStream 1010- Chassis with AC Power (Used Cisco)
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series Carrier Modules (CAM)
WATM-CAM-2P Lightstream 1010 - Carrier module for 2-port adapter modules (Used Cisco)
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series License
FR-WA-SX-HPNNI Hierarchical PNNI Upgrade (Used Cisco)
FR-WA-SX-PNNI= IISP to IISP + PNNI Upgrade (spare) (Used Cisco)
FR-WA-SX-TAGSW Tag Switching Upgrade (Used Cisco)
FR-WA-SX-TSHPNNI TAG Switching + Hierarchical PNNI Upgrade (Used Cisco)
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series Memory
MEM-ASP-32M= LightStream 1010 32 MB DRAM (spare) (Used Cisco)
MEM-ASP-64M LightStream 1010 64 MB DRAM (Used Cisco)
MEM-ASP-FLC16M= C8500/LS1010 PCMCIA Flash Memory Card 16 MB (spare) (Used Cisco)
MEM-ASP-FLD48M= Catalyst 8540 PC Flash Disk 48MB (spare) (Used Cisco)
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series Port Adapter Module (PAM)
WAI-E1-4BNC 4 Port E1 (ATM) BNC PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-E1-4RJ48 4 Port E1 (ATM) RJ-48 PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-E1C-4BNC 4 Port E1 (circuit emulation) BNC PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-E1C-4RJ48 4 Port E1 (circuit emulation) RJ-48 PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-E3-4BNC 4 Port E3 BNC PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-OC12-1MM 1 Port OC-12c/STM-4c MMF PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-OC12-1SS 1 Port OC-12c/STM-4c SMF-IR PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-OC12-1SSLR 1 Port OC-12c/STM-4c SMF-LR PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-OC3-1S3M OC-3c/STM-1 Mix PAM 1-port SMF-IR + 3-port MMF (Used Cisco)
WAI-OC3-4MM 4-Port STS-3c/STM-1 Multimode Fiber Port Adapter Module (Used Cisco)
WAI-OC3-4SS 4 Port OC-3c/STM-1 SMF-IR PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-OC3-4SSLR 4-port OC-3c/STM-1 SMF-LR PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-T1-4RJ48 4 Port T1 (ATM) RJ-48 PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-T1C-4RJ48 4 Port T1 (circuit emulation) RJ-48 PAM (Used Cisco)
WAI-T3-4BNC 4-port DS3 Port Adapter Module for Lightstream 1010 (Used Cisco)
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series Power Supply
L1010-PWR-AC LightStream 1010 AC Power Supply (Used Cisco)
L1010-PWR-AC/2 LightStream 1010 Redundant AC Power Supply (Used Cisco)
L1010-PWR-AC= LightStream 1010 AC Power Supply (spare) (Used Cisco)
L1010-PWR-DC LightStream 1010 DC Power Supply (Used Cisco)
L1010-PWR-DC/2 LightStream 1010 Redundant DC Power Supply (Used Cisco)
L1010-PWR-DC= LightStream 1010 DC Power Supply (spare) (Used Cisco)
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series Processor
L1010-ASP-C-FC1 ATM Switch Processor with FC-Per-Class Queuing (no memory) (Used Cisco)
L1010-ASP-C-FCPFQ ATM Switch Processor with FC-Per-Flow Queuing (64K memory) (Used Cisco)
 Cisco LightStream 1010 Series Spares and Accessories
WAI-CVR= Catalyst 8500/LS1010 Port Adapter Module Slot Cover (Spare) (Used Cisco)
WATM-CAM-CVR= LightStream 1010/C5500 Carrier Module Slot Cover (spare) (Used Cisco)

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