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The Cisco MC3810 series multiservice access concentrator integrates data, voice/fax, and video signals and connects them to Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay, or leased-line networks.

Through its various ports, the Cisco MC3810 series concentrator can support a variety of network and user interfaces, including T1/E1 trunks, serial data ports, an Ethernet LAN connection, private branch exchanges (PBXs), telephone key systems, analog telephones, and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) services.

Five basic hardware variations of Cisco MC3810 series concentrators are available, based on the choice of optional modules. All five chassis variations are equipped with two serial data ports, one Ethernet 10BaseT port, and two administrative ports.

  • Base chassis—No optional modules installed; traffic interfaces are limited to the two serial data ports and one Ethernet port
  • Analog voice chassis—Supports up to six analog voice ports; optionally supports T1/E1 trunk, BRI backup, and a video codec dialing interface (see note)
  • Digital voice chassis—Supports up to 24 channels of toll-quality voice; optionally supports T1/E1 trunk, BRI backup, and video codec dialing interface (see note)
  • BRI voice chassis—Supports eight channels of voice through 4 BRI ports using QSIG signaling; optionally supports BRI backup and video codec dialing interface (see note)
  • T1/E1 trunk chassis—Supports a T1 or E1 trunk; optionally supports BRI backup and video codec dialing interface (see note)

The Cisco MC3810 was first introduced in 1997 and led the integration of voice into Frame Relay and ATM networks for Cisco enterprise customers. This platform later evolved in the "V3" version that added additional functionality and improved performance. Unfortunately, components on this platform are being discontinued causing the need to EOS the Cisco MC3810V3.

Since 1997, Enterprise voice networks have evolved and today Cisco is driving AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) as the blue print for this integration. The Cisco 2600 and 3600 Series platforms have been tremendously successful in the Enterprise networks. The new Cisco 2600XM Series, and Cisco 3700 Series offer improved performance, and enable easier migration for Enterprise's to converged data, voice, and video networks. This is reflected in the product substitution recommendations in Table 2.

Bundle | Cable | Chassis | License | Memory | Module | Multiflex Trunk Module | Power Cord | Spares and Accessories | Voice Interface Card (VIC) |
 Cisco MC3810 Series Chassis
MC3810-V/A MC3810 Fully Configured for Analog Voice (Used Cisco)
MC3810-V/D MC3810 Fully Configured for Digital Voice (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Bundle
MC3810-V-AH Cisco MC3810 Voice Ready Analog High Density (Used Cisco)
MC3810-V-AL Cisco MC3810 Voice Ready Analog Low Density (Used Cisco)
MC3810-V-DH Cisco MC3810 Voice Ready Digital High Density (Used Cisco)
MC3810-V-DL Cisco MC3810 Voice Ready Digital Low Density (Used Cisco)
MC3810-V-R Cisco MC3810 Voice Ready (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Cable
CAB-E&M-TBR17 MC3810 EandM Cross-over Cable for TBR-17 Compliance (Used Cisco)
CAB-RPS-2208= RPS 22/08 Load Cable (C2500 and MC3810 only) (Used Cisco)
CAB-RPS-2218 RPS 22/18 Load Cable (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series License
FL381MV-MHV MC3810 IOS Voice to Voice and ATM Upgrade (Used Cisco)
FL38AP-AM3 MC3810 IOS Enterprise Plus to Enterprise ATM Plus Upgrade (Used Cisco)
FL38CP-CM3 MC3810 IOS IP Plus to IP ATM Plus Upgrade (Used Cisco)
FL38MHV-AM3PU IOS ATM/Voice to Enterprise Plus MCM upgrade (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Memory
MEM-381-1X16F= 16MB Flash Memory for MC3810 (Spare) (Used Cisco)
MEM-381-1X32D= 32Mb DRAM Memory for MC3810 (Used Cisco)
MEM-381-1X64D= 64MB DRAM Memory for MC3810 (Used Cisco)
MEM-381-1X8F= 8MB Flash Memory for MC3810 (Spare) (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Module
MC3810-APM-EM= EandM Analog Personality Module (Used Cisco)
MC3810-APM-FXO= FXO Analog Personality Module (Used Cisco)
MC3810-APM-FXS= FXS Analog Personality Module (Used Cisco)
MC3810-AVM6= 6 port Analog Voice Interface (Used Cisco)
MC3810-FXO-GER= FXO Analog Personailty Module for Germany (Used Cisco)
MC3810-FXO-UK= FXO Analog Personailty Module for UK (Used Cisco)
MC3810-VCM3= 3 DSP Voice Compression Module (Used Cisco)
MC3810-VCM6= 6 DSP Voice Compression Module (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Multiflex Trunk Module
MC3810-MFT-BNC= 3810 Multiflex Trunk with E1-BNC Interface (Used Cisco)
MC3810-MFT-E1= 3810 Multiflex Trunk With RJ-48 E1 Interface (Used Cisco)
MC3810-MFT-T1= 3810 Multiflex Trunk With RJ-48 T1 Interface (Used Cisco)
MC3810-MFT-TBS= Multiflex Trunk with RJ-48 T1 and BRI S/T Interfaces (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Power Cord
CAB-RPSY-2208= RPS 22/08 Two-to-one DC Power Cable (Used Cisco)
CAB-RPSY-2218 RPS 22/18 Two-to-one DC Power Cable (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Spares and Accessories
BOOT-381V-64D= MC3810-V Rommon and 64 DRAM Upgrade (Used Cisco)
BOOT-381V= MC3810-V Rommon Upgrade (Used Cisco)
MC3810-AC40= Cisco MC3810 100-220VAC Power Supply Spare (Used Cisco)
MC3810-DC48= MC3810 -48 VDC Power Supply Spare (Used Cisco)
 Cisco MC3810 Series Voice Interface Card (VIC)
MC3810-DVM-BNC= E1 Unbalanced Digital Voice Interface (Used Cisco)
MC3810-DVM-E1= MC3810 Digital Voice Interface E1 Card (Used Cisco)
MC3810-DVM-T1= MC3810 Digital Voice Interface T1 Card (Used Cisco)
MC3810-VDM= MC3810 Video Dial Module RS366 Signaling Interface Spare (Used Cisco)

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