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The Cisco AS5800 Access Server/Voice Gateway enables highly scalable deployment of data or toll-quality voice and fax service over packet networks.

The Cisco AS5800 Access Server provides the highest concentration of modem and integrated services digital network (ISDN) terminations available in a single remote access concentrator product. The Cisco AS5800 Access Server/Voice Gateway is specifically designed to meet the demands of large service providers such as Post, Telephone, and Telegraphs (PTTs), Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXCs), and large Internet service providers (ISPs).

EOL Announcement:
Cisco AS5800 Access Server and Voice Gateway will not be orderable after June 30th, 2002. Please look to the AS5850 Universal gateway for for replacement products.

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 Cisco AS5800 Series Cable
CAB-7KCT1DB15 MIP-CT1: DSX1 to CSU DB-15 Thru Cable (Used Cisco)
CAB-7KCT1NULL MIP-CT1: DSX1 to CSU DB-15 Null Cable (Used Cisco)
CAB-OCT-232-FC= 8 Lead Octal Cable and 8 Female RS232/V.24 DCE Connectors (Used Cisco)
CAB-OCT-232-MT= 8 Lead Octal Cable and 8 Male RS232/V.24 DTE Connectors (Used Cisco)
CAB-OCT-V35-FC= 8 Lead Octal Cable and 8 Female V35 DCE Connectors (Used Cisco)
CAB-OCT-V35-MT= 8 Lead Octal Cable and 8 Male V35 DTE Connectors (Used Cisco)
CAB-OCT-X21-FC= 8 Lead Octal Cable and 8 Female X21 DCE Connectors (Used Cisco)
CAB-OCT-X21-MT= 8 Lead Octal Cable and 8 Male X21 DTE Connectors (Used Cisco)
CAB-V35FC= V.35 Cable DCE Female 10 Feet (Used Cisco)
CAB-V35MT= V.35 Cable DTE Male 10 Feet (Used Cisco)
CAB-X21FC= X.21 Cable DCE Female 10 Feet (Used Cisco)
CAB-X21MT= X.21 Cable DTE Male 10 Feet (Used Cisco)
 Cisco AS5800 Series License
FL58M-324= AS5800 Series 324 Port Modem License (Used Cisco)
FR-IR72= Cisco IOS 7200 Series MPLS Feature License (Used Cisco)
FR-WPP72= Cisco IOS 7200 Series WAN Packet Protocols/Netflow License (Used Cisco)
FR58-MMTL-324= 324 Modem Management Technology License (Used Cisco)
 Cisco AS5800 Series Module
DS58-12CT1= DS5800 12 Port T1 Ingress Line Card (Spare) (Used Cisco)
DS58-144DM-CC= AS5800 144 Modem Card Spare (Used Cisco)
DS58-1CT3= DS5800 1 Port CT3 Ingress Line Card (Spare) (Used Cisco)
DS58-DSC= DS5800 Dial Shelf Controller Card (Spare) (Used Cisco)
DS5814-DC-PEM= DS5814 DC Power Entry Module (Spare) (Used Cisco)
 Cisco AS5800 Series Port Adapter
PA-2E3= 2 Port E3 Serial Port Adapter with E3 DSUs (Used Cisco)
PA-2H= 2-Port HSSI Port Adapter Spare (Used Cisco)
PA-2T3 Dual Serial DS3 Interface Port Adapter With DSU (Used Cisco)
PA-2T3+= 2 Port T3 Serial Port Adapter Enhanced Spare (Used Cisco)
PA-4B-U= 4-Port BRI Port Adapter U Interface (Used Cisco)
PA-4E= 4-Port Ethernet 10BaseT Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-4E1G/120= 4-Port E1 G.703 Serial Port Adapter (120ohm/Balanced) (Used Cisco)
PA-4E1G/75= 4-Port E1 G.703 Serial Port Adapter (75ohm/Unbalanced) (Used Cisco)
PA-4T+= 4-Port Serial Port Adapter Enhanced (Used Cisco)
PA-5EFL 5-Port Ethernet 10BaseFL Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-8B-S/T= 8-Port BRI Port Adapter S/T Interface (Used Cisco)
PA-8E= 8-Port Ethernet 10BaseT Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-8T-232= 8-Port Serial 232 Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-8T-V35= 8-Port Serial V.35 Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-8T-X21= 8-Port Serial X.21 Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-A2-4E1XC-E3ATM= CES Port Adapter E3/E1 120 ohms (Used Cisco)
PA-A2-4E1XC-OC3SM= CES OC3 Port Adapter 4E1 Ports 120ohms (Used Cisco)
PA-A2-4T1C-OC3SM= ATM CES Port Adapter 4T1 CES Ports and 1 OC3 ATM SM Port (Used Cisco)
PA-A2-4T1C-T3ATM= ATM CES Port Adapter 4T1 CES Ports and 1 T3 ATM Port (Used Cisco)
PA-A3-E3= 1-Port ATM Enhanced E3 Port Adapter (Spare) (Used Cisco)
PA-A3-OC3MM= 1-Port ATM Enhanced OC3c/STM1 Multimode Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-A3-OC3SMI= 1-Port ATM Enhanced OC3c/STM1 Singlemode(IR)Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-A3-OC3SML= 1-Port ATM Enhanced OC3c/STM1 Singlemode(LR)Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-A3-T3= 1-Port ATM Enhanced DS3 Port Adapter (Spare) (Used Cisco)
PA-E3= 1 Port E3 Serial Port Adapter with E3 DSU (Used Cisco)
PA-F/FD-MM= 1-Port FDDI Full Duplex Multi-Mode Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-F/FD-SM= 1-Port FDDI Full Duplex Single-Mode Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-FE-FX= 1-Port Fast Ethernet 100BaseFx Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-FE-TX= 1-Port Fast Ethernet 100BaseTx Port Adapter (Used Cisco)
PA-H= 1-Port HSSI Port Adapter Spare (Used Cisco)
 Cisco AS5800 Series Power Cord
CAB-AC Power Cord 110V (Used Cisco)
 Cisco AS5800 Series Power Supply
PWR-7200 Cisco 7200 AC Power Supply Option (Used Cisco)
PWR-7200/2 Cisco 7200 Redundant AC Power Supply Option 280W (Used Cisco)
PWR-7200/2-DC+ Cisco 7200 Dual DC (24V-60V) Power Supply Option (Used Cisco)
 Cisco AS5800 Series Spares and Accessories
DS58-FAN= DS5800 Blower Assembly (Spare) (Used Cisco)
DS58-PWR-2AC= DS5800 Dual AC Power Option (Spare) (Used Cisco)
DS58-RMK= DS5800 Rack Mount and Cable Management kit (Spare) (Used Cisco)
DS5814-DC-FLT= DS5814 DC Power Filter (Spare) (Used Cisco)
DS5814S= DS5814 Dial Shelf 14 slot Dual DC Power (Spare) (Used Cisco)
 Cisco AS5800 Series Universal Port Card
AS58-324UPC-CC AS5800 Series 324 Port Card (Used Cisco)

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