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The integrated services routing architecture of the Cisco 2800 product family builds on the Cisco 2600 Series Multiservice Access Routers and adds embedded security processing, significant performance and memory enhancements, and new high-density interfaces that deliver the performance, availability, and reliability required for scaling mission-critical business applications in the most demanding enterprise environments.

Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers are designed to meet both performance and density requirements for the delivery of secure, concurrent services for midsize businesses, small and medium-sized enterprise branch offices, and service provider managed services applications without compromising router performance.

 Cisco 2800 Series Security Bundle
CISCO2801-HSEC/K9 2801 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D (Used)
CISCO2801-SEC/K9 2801 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D (Used)
CISCO2811-HSEC/K9 2811 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN-EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D (Used)
CISCO2811-SEC/K9 2811 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D (Used)
CISCO2821-HSEC/K9 2821 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN-EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D (Used)
CISCO2821-SEC/K9 2821 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D (Used)
CISCO2851-HSEC/K9 2851 Security Bundle,AIM-VPN-EPII-PLUS,Adv. IP Serv,64F/256D (Used)
CISCO2851-SEC/K9 2851 Security Bundle,Adv Security,64F/256D (Used)
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