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Industry’s most widely deployed universal services router for Enterprise and Service Provider edge applications. The Cisco 7200 combines exceptional price/performance with the widest range of connectivity options and unmatched feature support. This compact router provides industry-leading serviceability and manageability features coupled with high-performance modular processors including the Cisco 7200 NPE-G1 Processor. By leveraging the modularity of the Cisco 7200, customers can deploy scalable solutions to address a wide range of density, performance and service requirements while ensuring investment protection for future network needs.

Benefits of the Cisco 7200 series routers include:
  • Unparalleled Cisco IOS-based IP/MPLS feature support (QoS, Broadband Agg, Security, Multiservice, MPLS, and more)
  • Broad range of flexible, modular interfaces (from DS0 to OC12)
  • Support for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Packet Over Sonet and more
  • Fully modular design in a 3RU footprint
  • Full L2TP and PPP termination support
  • Support for up to 16,000 broadband subscriber sessions with the NPE-G1
  • Service Accelerator using Cisco PXF technology
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Low initial investment
  • Scalability and flexibility; ideal for network re-deployment
 Cisco 7200 Series GBICs
GBIC-LX/LH Gigabit Interface Converter for 1000BASE-LX standard (Used)
GBIC-LX/LH= Gigabit Interface Converter for 1000BASE-LX standard (Used)
GBIC-SX Gigabit Intf. Converter For 1000BASE-SX (Short Wavelength) (Used)
GBIC-ZX Gigabit Interface Converter for 1000 BASE-ZX (Used)
GBIC-ZX= Gigabit Interface Converter for 1000 BASE-ZX (Used)
POM-OC3-MM 1-port OC3/STM1 Pluggable Optic Module MM (Used)
POM-OC3-SMIR 1-port OC3/STM1 Pluggable Optic Module SM-IR (Used)
POM-OC3-SMLR 1-port OC3/STM1 Pluggable Optic Module SM-LR (Used)
WS-G5484= 1000BASE-SX Short Wavelength GBIC (Multimode Only) (Used)
WS-G5486= 1000BASE-LX/LH Long Haul GBIC (Singlemode Or Multimode) (Used)
WS-G5487= 1000Base-ZX Extended Reach GBIC(singlemode) (Used)
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