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The Cisco 7400 series are compact, single-rack unit (RU) routers ideal for application specific routing deployments in service provider and enterprise networks. Powered by Cisco's innovative adaptive network processing technology, the Cisco 7400 series delivers a premium suite of hardware-accelerated network services. The Cisco 7400 series is widely deployed for pay-as-you-grow broadband aggregation supporting up to 8,000 simultaneous subscriber sessions.

 Cisco 7400 Series License
EMS-72-74-001-1.2= 7200/7400 EMS Single Chassis RTU (Used)
FL-GK-NEW-7400 License For A New 7400 Based GK For Voice (Used)
FL-GK-NEW-7400= License For A New 7400 Based GK For Voice (Used)
FL-MCM-NEW-7400 License For A New 7400 Based MCM For Video/Enterprise (Used)
FR-IR74= Cisco IOS 7400 Series InterDomain Routing/MPLS License (Used)
FR-WPP74= Cisco IOS 7400 Series WAN Packet Protocols/Netflow License (Used)
FR74-BS-A= Cisco IOS 7400 Series Desktop/IBM to Enterprise (Used)
FR74-C-A= Cisco IOS 7400 Series IP to Enterprise (Used)
FR74-C-BS= Cisco IOS 7400 Series IP to Desktop/IBM (Used)
FR74-R-A= Cisco IOS 7400 Series L3 Switching to Enterprise (Used)
FR74-R-BS= Cisco IOS 7400 Series L3 Switching to Desktop/IBM (Used)
FR74-R-C= Cisco IOS 7400 Series Layer 3 Switching to IP (Used)
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