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The Cisco 7600 Series is the industry's only edge router that delivers robust, high performance IP/MPLS features for a range of service provider edge and enterprise MAN/WAN applications. Coupled with the broadest set of interfaces and innovative adaptive network processing technology the Cisco 7600 leads the industry with integrated Ethernet and private line aggregation capabilities. The Cisco 7600 Series is a natural evolution for existing Cisco 7500 Series customers - with Cisco IOS feature parity and FlexWAN support for existing Cisco 7200/7500 Series Port Adapters. The Cisco 7600 also offers multi-gigabit capacity per slot, a range of form factors, and advanced Optical Service Modules (OSM) for high-performance service delivery. Intelligent Ethernet broadband aggregation, powered by the Multiprocessor WAN Applications Module (MWAM), delivers Ethernet LAC or high-density LNS subscriber services on the Cisco 7600 series. These unique capabilities enable carriers and enterprises alike to improve operational efficiency at the network edge while maximizing return on investment.

Cisco 7600 Series - IP/MPLS Applications

  • Metro Ethernet Aggregation
  • Private Line Aggregation (high-speed and low-speed)
  • Ethernet Subscriber Aggregation (PPPoE/LNS/SSG)
  • WAN Aggregation
  • Headquarters Core Routing
 Cisco 7600 Series Port Adapter
PA-2H 2-Port HSSI Port Adapter (Used)
PA-2T3 Dual Serial DS3 Interface Port Adapter With DSU (Used)
PA-2T3+ 2 Port T3 Serial Port Adapter Enhanced (Used)
PA-4E1G/120 4-Port E1 G.703 Serial Port Adapter (120ohm/Balanced) (Used)
PA-4E1G/75 4-Port E1 G.703 Serial Port Adapter (75ohm/Unbalanced) (Used)
PA-4T+ 4 Port Serial Port Adapter Enhanced (Used)
PA-8T-232 8-Port Serial 232 Port Adapter (Used)
PA-8T-V35 8 Port Serial Adapter For Cisco 7000 Series Routers (V.35) (Used)
PA-8T-X21 8-Port Serial X.21 Port Adapter (Used)
PA-A3-8E1IMA 8-port ATM Inverse Mux E1 (120 Ohm) Port Adapter (Used)
PA-A3-8T1IMA 8-port ATM Inverse Mux T1 Port Adapter (Used)
PA-A3-E3 1-Port ATM Enhanced E3 Port Adapter (Used)
PA-A3-OC3MM 1-Port ATM Enhanced OC3c/STM1 Multimode PA (Used)
PA-A3-OC3SMI 1-Port ATM Enhanced OC3c/STM1 Singlemode PA (Used)
PA-A3-OC3SML 1-Port ATM Enhanced OC3c/STM1 Singlemode(LR)Port Adapter (Used)
PA-A3-T3 1-Port ATM DS3 Port Adapter Enhanced (Used)
PA-E3 1 Port E3 Serial Port Adapter with E3 DSU (Used)
PA-FE-FX 1-Port Fast Ethernet 100BaseFx Port Adapter (Used)
PA-FE-TX 1-Port Fast Ethernet 100BaseTx Port Adapter (Used)
PA-H 1-Port HSSI Port Adapter (Used)
PA-MC-2E1/120 2 port multichannel E1 port adapter with G.703 120ohm interf (Used)
PA-MC-2T1 2 port multichannel T1 port adapter with integrated CSU/DSUs (Used)
PA-MC-2T3+ 2 Port Multichannel T3 Port Adapter (Used)
PA-MC-4T1 4 port multichannel T1 port adapter with integrated CSU/DSUs (Used)
PA-MC-8E1/120 8 port multichannel E1 port adapter with G.703 120ohm (Used)
PA-MC-8T1 8 port Multi-Channel T1 Port Adapter for CISCO 7200 Routers (Used)
PA-MC-8TE1+ 8 port multichannel T1/E1 8PRI port adapter (Used)
PA-MC-E3 1 port Multi-Channel E3 port adapter (Used)
PA-MC-STM-1MM 1 port multichannel STM-1multimode port adapter (Used)
PA-MC-STM-1MM= 1 port multichannel STM-1multimode port adapter (Used)
PA-MC-STM-1SMI 1 port multichannel STM-1 single mode port adapter (Used)
PA-MC-STM-1SMI= 1 port multichannel STM-1 single mode port adapter (Used)
PA-MC-T3 1 port multichannel T3 port adapter (Used)
PA-POS-OC3MM 1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Multimode PA (Used)
PA-POS-OC3SMI 1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Singlemode (IR) PA (Used)
PA-POS-OC3SML 1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Singlemode (LR) Port Adapter (Used)
PA-T3+ 1 Port Enhanced T3 Serial Port Adapter for 7200 Series (Used)
PA-T3= 1 Port T3 Serial Port Adapter (Used)
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