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The Cisco® AS5350 Universal Gateway is the only one-rack-unit (1RU) gateway supporting 2-, 4-, or 8-port T1/7-port E1 configurations that provides universal port data, voice, and fax services on any port at any time. The Cisco AS5350 Universal Gateway offers high performance and high reliability in a compact, modular design. This cost-effective platform is ideally suited for Internet service providers (ISPs) and enterprise companies that require innovative universal services.
 Cisco AS5350 Series Memory
MEM-128M-AS53= 128MB DRAM memory for 5300 (Used)
MEM-128M-AS535 AS5350 128MB Main SDRAM (Used)
MEM-128S-AS535 AS5350 128MB Shared I/O upgrade (Used)
MEM-128S-AS535= AS5350 128MB Shared I/O upgrade (Used)
MEM-16BF-AS535 AS5350 16MB Boot Flash upgrade (Used)
MEM-16BF-AS535= AS5350 16MB Boot Flash upgrade (Used)
MEM-256M-AS535 AS5350 256MB Main SDRAM (Used)
MEM-256M-AS535= AS5350 256MB Main SDRAM (Used)
MEM-32F-AS535 AS5350 32MB System Flash (Used)
MEM-32F-AS535= AS5350 32MB System Flash (Used)
MEM-512M-AS535 AS5350 512MB Main SDRAM upgrade (Used)
MEM-512M-AS535= AS5350 512MB Main SDRAM upgrade (Used)
MEM-64F-AS535 AS5350 64MB System Flash upgrade (Used)
MEM-64F-AS535= AS5350 64MB System Flash upgrade (Used)
MEM-64S-AS535 AS5350 64MB Shared I/O (Used)
MEM-64S-AS535= AS5350 64MB Shared I/O (Used)
MEM-8BF-AS535 AS5350 8MB Boot Flash (Used)
MEM-8BF-AS535= AS5350 8MB Boot Flash (Used)
MEM-UP1-AS535 16M Bootflash 64M System Flash 256M Main 128M Shared I/O Mem (Used)
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