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The Cisco AS5400 Series Universal Gateway provides reliable, scaleable and feature-rich data and voice gateway in only two rack units. With support for a wide variety of PSTN signalling (SS7/C7, CAS, RPI, R2), gateway signalling (H.323, SIP, MGCP), voice codecs, fax, Voice XML, RADIUS, TCL and IVR, the Cisco AS5400 Series provides flexibility for the future. The Cisco AS5400 Series supports all service provider voice and dial applications, such as:

  • Long Distance
  • Prepaid Calling
  • Local Access
  • Hosted IP Telephony
  • ASP Hosting and Termination
  • Unified Communications
  • Access VPN
  • Dial Access
 Cisco AS5400 Series DFC Cards
AS535-DFC-2CE1= AS5350 Dual CE1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS535-DFC-4CE1= AS5350 Quad E1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS535-DFC-4CT1= AS5350 Quad T1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS54-DFC-108NP AS5400 108 Universal Port Card (Used)
AS54-DFC-108NP= AS5400 108 Universal Port Card (Used)
AS54-DFC-4CE1 AS5400 Quad E1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS54-DFC-60NP AS5400 60 Universal Port Card (Used)
AS54-DFC-60NP= AS5400 60 Universal Port Card (Used)
AS54-DFC-8CE1 AS5400 Octal E1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS54-DFC-8CE1= AS5400 Octal E1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS54-DFC-8CT1 AS5400 Octal T1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS54-DFC-8CT1= AS5400 Octal T1/PRI DFC card (Used)
AS54-DFC-CC= AS5400 DFC Carrier Card (Used)
AS54-DFC-CT3 AS5400 CT3 DFC card (Used)
AS54-DFC-CT3= AS5400 CT3 DFC card (Used)
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