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The Cisco Catalyst® 4000 Series of modular switches include the Cisco Catalyst 4003 and Catalyst 4006 chassis. As a key component of Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data), the Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series extends control from the backbone to the network edge with intelligent network services including advanced quality of service (QoS), scalable performance, comprehensive security, and simple manageability. The modular architecture, media flexibility, and expandability of the Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series enable a longer deployment life in converged networks. A longer deployment life reduces the overall cost of ownership by minimizing recurring operational expenses and also improves return on investment (ROI).

Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series switches are also ideal for business services aggregation and subscriber access in metropolitan-area networks (MANs) that use optical Ethernet in the First Mile.

Cisco Catalyst 4000/4500 Supervisor Engine IV: Delivers integrated resiliency and non-blocking, Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)-based Layer 2/3/4 switching at 48 Mpps, to further enhance control of converged networks. Key intelligent services, based on proven Cisco IOS software, include granular Quality of Service (QoS), predictable performance, advanced security, comprehensive manageability and integrated resiliency. The Supervisor Engine IV is compatible with the new Catalyst 4500 Series chassis, the widely deployed Catalyst 4006 chassis, and existing Catalyst 4000 Family line cards for maximum deployment flexibility.

Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine II-Plus: This Cisco IOS Software-based supervisor engine meets the needs of value-conscious customers seeking a flexible and scalable LAN solution. Optimized for wiring closets for medium-sized enterprises, education customers, or small enterprises or branch offices, the Supervisor Engine II-Plus provides the resiliency and control for converged data, voice, and video networks.

Cisco Catalyst 4000/4500 Series Line Cards: Compatible with both the Catalyst 4500 Series and the Catalyst 4000 Series modular chassis these linecards can be mixed and matched to to suit a wide-range of customer wiring closet, branch office, data center and metro Ethernet deployments. Catalyst 4000 Family linecards offer high density copper and fiber based interfaces for both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches: A next generation Cisco Catalyst 4000 Family platform, the Catalyst 4500 series includes three new Catalyst chassis: Catalyst 4507R (7-slot: redundant Supervisor IV capable), Catalyst 4506 (6-slot) and Catalyst 4503 (3-slot). A key component of Cisco AVVID the Catalyst 4500 extends control to Enterprise wiring closets, branch office and Layer 3 distribution points. The Catalyst 4500 is also optimized for business services aggregation and subscriber access in the metropolitan area for network operators and service providers.

A variety of network infrastructure solutions are enabled by the Catalyst 4000 Family of switches including: Cisco AVVID Network Infrastructure, IP Telephony, Wireless LAN, Metro Ethernet Switching, Ethernet in the First Mile, and the CWDM GBIC Solution.

 Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series CWDM GBIC Solution
CWDM-8GBIC-SET1= 4 lambda CWDM GBIC set; 2x 1470nm/ 1510nm/1550nm/1590nm (Used)
CWDM-8GBIC-SET2= 4 lambda CWDM GBIC set; 2x 1490nm/1530nm/1570nm/1610nm (Used)
CWDM-CHASSIS-2= 2 Slot Chassis for CWDM Mux Plug in Modules (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1470= 1000BASE-CWDM 1470 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1490= 1000BASE-CWDM 1490 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1510= 1000BASE-CWDM 1510 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1530= 1000BASE-CWDM 1530 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1550= 1000BASE-CWDM 1550 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1570= 1000BASE-CWDM 1570 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1590 1000BASE-CWDM 1590 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-GBIC-1610= 1000BASE-CWDM 1610 nm GBIC (single mode only) (Used)
CWDM-MUX-4-SF1= Single Fiber 4-Channel Mux/Demux (Used)
CWDM-MUX-4-SF2= Single Fiber 4-Channel Mux/Demux (Used)
CWDM-MUX-4= 4 Wavelength Add/Drop MUX for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-8= 8 Wavelength Mux/Demux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1470= 1470 nm Add/Drop Mux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1490= 1490 nm Add/Drop Mux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1510= 1510 nm Add/Drop Mux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1530= 1530 nm Add/Drop Mux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1550= 1550 nm Add/Drop Mux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1570= 1570 nm Add/Drop Mux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1590= 1590 nm Add/Drop Mux Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
CWDM-MUX-AD-1610= 1610 nm Add/Drop Mux Plug in Module for CWDM-CHASSIS-2= (Used)
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