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As Cisco's premier intelligent multilayer modular switch, the Catalyst 6500 Series delivers secure, converged services from the wiring closet to the core, from the datacenter, to the WAN edge. From 48 to 576 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports, to high throughput hundreds of million packets per second (Mpps) network cores supporting multiple gigabit and 10Gigabit per second trunks, the Catalyst 6500 Series provides the scalable intelligent multilayer switching performance for both enterprise and service-provider networks.

The Catalyst 6500 Series optimizes IT infrastructure utilization and maximizes return on investment by leveraging a forward-thinking architecture that supports an unparalleled range of services including data and voice integration, and LAN/WAN/MAN convergence with these additional benefits:

  • Maximum network uptime for higher user productivity and business resiliency
  • Comprehensive network security using proven multigigabit Cisco technology
  • Investment Protection and Long product lifecycle supporting multiple generations of interfaces and packet forwarding engines
  • Operational consistency allowing customers to standardize on a single platform that addresses all network deployment requirements
  • Unparalleled services integration supporting the application-aware convergence of voice, video, data on to a single highly manageable platform
 Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Bundle
WS-C6503-2GE Cat6503 chassis w/ Sup1A-2GE (Requires Power Supply) (Used)
WS-C6503-FWM-K9 Cisco Catalyst 6503 Firewall Security System (Used)
WS-C6503-IPSEC-K9 Cisco Catalyst 6503 IPsec VPN System (Used)
WS-C6503-PFC2 Cat6503 chassis w/ Sup2-PFC2 (Requires Power Supply) (Used)
WS-C6506-1000AC= Catalyst 6506 Chassis w/ 1000W AC Power Supply (Used)
WS-C6506-1300AC= Catalyst 6506 Chassis w/ 1300W AC Power Supply (Used)
WS-C6506-2GE Cat6506 chassis w/ Sup1A-2GE (Requires Power Supply) (Used)
WS-C6506-FWM-K9 Cisco Catalyst 6506 Firewall Security System (Used)
WS-C6506-IPSEC-K9 Cisco Catalyst 6506 IPSec VPN System (Used)
WS-C6506-PFC2 Cat6506 chassis w/ Sup2-PFC2 (Requires Power Supply) (Used)
WS-C6509-1300AC= Catalyst 6509 Chassis W/ 1300W AC Power Supply (Used)
WS-C6509-2500AC= Catalyst 6509 Chassis W/ 2500W AC Power Supply (Used)
WS-C6509-2GE Cat6509 Chassis W/ Sup1A-2GE (Requires Power Supply) (Used)
WS-C6509-6816-16 Cat6509 W/S2-MSFC2 SFM2 WS-X6816-GBIC (Req Purch 2 2500W) (Used)
WS-C6509-6816-32 Cat6509 W/S2-MSFC2 SFM2 2XWS-X6816-GBIC (Req Purch 2 2500W) (Used)
WS-C6509-FW-IDS-K9 Catalyst Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (Used)
WS-C6509-FW-VPN-K9 Catalyst Firewall and VPN Security System (Used)
WS-C6509-PFC2 Cat6509 Chassis W/ Sup2-PFC2 (Requires Power Supply) (Used)
WS-C6509-RJ21-96 Cat6509 Chassis W/ 2X2500WAC 1XSup1A-PFC 2XWS-X6148-RJ21V (Used)
WS-C6509-RJ45-96 Cat6509 Chassis W/ 2X2500WAC 1XSup1A-PFC 2XWS-X6148-RJ45V (Used)
WS-C6509-S720-6724 Cat6509 w/2x3000WAC, 1xS720, Fan Tray, 1x6724-SFP, no SFPs (Used)
WS-C6509NEB-1300A= Cat6509 Chassis for NEBS Environment w/ 1300W AC PowerSupply (Used)
WS-C6509NEB-1300D= Cat6509 Chassis for NEBS Environment w/ 1300W DC PowerSupply (Used)
WS-C6509NEB-2500A= Cat6509 Chassis for NEBS Environment w/ 2500W AC PowerSupply (Used)
WS-C6509NEB-2500D= Cat6509 Chassis for NEBS Environment w/ 2500W DC PowerSupply (Used)
WS-C6513-2500AC= Catalyst 6513 Chassis w/ 2500W AC Power Supply (Used)
WS-C6513-4KWAC-IN= Cat 6513 Chassis w/ 4000W AC PS INTERNATIONAL (Used)
WS-C6513-4KWAC-US= Catalyst 6513 Chassis w/ 4000W AC PS FOR US (Used)
WS-SVC-SSL-CSM-K9= Catalyst 6500 SSL and CSM Bundle (Used)
WS-X6K-S2-6408A Cat6500 S2-MSFC2 and WS-X6408-GBIC (Used)
WS-X6K-S2-6408A= Cat6500 S2-MSFC2 and WS-X6408-GBIC (Used)
WS-X6K-S720-6408A Cat6500 SUP720 and WS-X6408-GBIC (Used)
WS-X6K-S720-6408A= Cat6500 SUP720 and WS-X6408-GBIC (Used)
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