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The Cisco Intrusion Protection is designed to efficiently protect your data and information infrastructure. With the increased complexity of security threats, achieving efficient network intrusion security solutions is critical to maintaining a high level of protection. Vigilant protection ensures business continuity and minimizes the effect of costly intrusions.

Cisco's advancements deliver an efficient intrusion protection system through four critical elements:

1. Accurate threat detection—Cisco Intrusion Detection System Version 4.0 (Cisco IDS 4.0) delivers the first step in providing a secure environment by comprehensively detecting all potential threats.

2. Intelligent threat investigation—Cisco Threat Response technology virtually eliminates false alarms, and automatically determines which threats need immediate attention to avoid costly intrusions.

3. Ease of management—Browser-based tools simplify the user interaction, while providing powerful analytical tools that allow for a rapid and efficient response to threats.

4. Flexible deployment options—A range of high-availability devices provide the flexible backbone for creating the secure and efficient intrusion protection system.

All four elements combine to achieve a secure, efficient, and comprehensive intrusion protection solution.

 Cisco Secure IDS Series Network Sensor
IDS-4210-K9 4210 Sensor (Chassis s/w two 10/100 ports up to 45Mbps) (Used)
IDS-4215-4FE-K9 IDS 4215 Sensor, 80 Mbps With 4FE Interface Option (Used)
IDS-4215-K9 Cisco IDS 4215 Sensor, 80-Mbps (Used)
IDS-4230-PKG= IDS 4230 Packing for Upgrade Program (Used)
IDS-4235-K9 4235 Sensor(chassis s/w SSH 10/100/1000BaseT w/ RJ-45) (Used)
IDS-4250-SX-INT= 1000BaseSX Monitoring Interface w/ SC connector (Used)
IDS-4250-SX-K9 4250 Sensor (chassis s/w SSH 1000BaseSX w/ SC connector) (Used)
IDS-4250-TX-K9 4250 Sensor (chassis s/w SSH 10/100/1000BaseT w/ RJ-45) (Used)
IDS-4250-XL-K9 IDS 4250 chassis s/w IDS Accelerated 1000BaseSX w/ MT-RJ (Used)
IDS-E/TR-MEM-U 256MB Memory Upgrade For 2E And TR Units (Used)
IDS-FE/FDI-MEM-U 512MB Memory Upgrade For 2FE SFDDI And DFDDI Units (Used)
IDS-PWR= Spare Power Supply for the IDS 4235/4250 Appliance Sensors (Used)
IDS-RAIL-2= 2 post Rail Kits for the IDS 4235/4250 Sensor Platforms (Used)
IDS-RAIL-4= 4 post Rail Kits for the IDS 4235/4250 Sensor Platforms (Used)
IDS-SCSI= Spare SCSI Hard Disk Drive for IDS 4250 Appliance Sensor (Used)
IDS-SW-K9-U Upgrade CD for Cisco IDS Sensor SW w/o SW App Support (Used)
IDS-XL-INT= IDS Accelerated 1000BaseSX Interface w/ MTRJ (Used)
IPS-4240-K9 IPS 4240 Appliance Sensor (Used)
IPS-4255-K9 IPS 4255 Appliance Sensor  (Used)
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