BridgeWave’s point-to-point high-capacity wireless solutions offer high performance, cost-effective alternatives to fiber circuits for mobile backhaul, service provider, network extensions, and government / municipal network applications.

BridgeWave’s solutions provide fiber-equivalent connections between locations by transmitting data over microwave or millimeter wave frequencies at gigabit speeds with the advantage of add/drop data ports, and optional wire-speed AES encryption built-in. Our newest product family, FlexPort is designed for next generation network operators wanting a future-proof solution for migration to 4G networks.

BridgeWave’s Advanced Features

  • Simultaneous SDH/SONET + Ethernet Transmission (FlexPort80)
  • Frequency Agile RF Tuning (FlexPort)
  • Spectrally Efficient Modulation (FlexPort)
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (FlexPort80)
  • 256-bit Built-in (optional) Advanced Encryption Standard: the strongest data encryption available for a secure wireless network
  • AdaptRateâ„¢: BridgeWave’s all-weather wireless gigabit technology for availability over multi-mile distances
  • AdaptPathâ„¢: BridgeWave’s technology for the highest performance and availability in any weather condition
  • Embedded 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch provides add/drop capabilities and detailed Ethernet port statistics
  • Advanced Carrier Ethernet transport and management capabilities

BridgeWave’s solutions meet the following stringent regulatory requirements:

  • Safety: UL Listed, CE Mark, Safety per EN60950, FCC 1.1310 general population RF MPE limits
  • RF Certifications: EN 302 217 (2008-11), U.S. FCC Part 15.255, U.S. FCC Part 101, Industry Canada RSS-210
  • Government Requirements: FIPS certified – encryption available, JF-12, TIC Compliant, IPV6, conforms to IMOD specification, Section 508, and BAA/TAA Compliant
  • Other: RoHS, WEEE, ETS 300 489