Nomadix is focused on providing solutions for the public access market to create multi-use, multi-revenue networks that require Zero Configuration for end user access.  We sell our family of Access Gateways running the Nomadix Service Engine  (NSE) software to Public Access Service Operators (PASOs) and Venue Owners providing a turnkey solution for public access HotSpot and Metropolitan HotZone deployments.

The NSE embedded on our Access Gateways is also designed for deployment in residential multiple dwelling unit (MDU) properties for delivering cost effective broadband Internet access to consumers or by Enterprise IT administrators wishing to deploy convenient, secure Guest Access for visiting customers and partners.

The following application areas are provided to serve as guidelines for possible deployment types:

  • Wi-Fi HotSpots
  • MDU Deployments
  • Hospitality Deployments
  • Enterprise Guest Access
  • Metro Area HotZones
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