Military-grade Ethernet Switching Solutions

Developed for military and harsh mobile applications, Techaya’s military-grade Ethernet switch solutions feature mechanical packaging enhancements designed for MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground environmental compliance and high reliability. Coming in unmanaged and managed L2/L2+ variants, Techaya’s managed Ethernet switches are compatible with all the newest industry network protocols for redundant link topology, security, multicast and management requirements. These compact, ruggedized switches are gaining fast industry traction for applications such as data acquisition and transmission, battlefield communication C4ISR, mobile communications, combat vehicles, video, and avionic and shipboard systems.

Military-grade Routing Solutions

Using best-in-class technology Techaya’s MILTECH™ product line serves as a robust MIL COTS solution for providing local area network (LAN) connectivity to IP-enabled computing and net-centric devices. Techaya’s MIL-STD fully managed military-grade network routers have triple speed (10/100/1000) ports particularly useful for expanding port density to tactical IP routers in space-constrained airborne and ground vehicle environments. The MILTECH9028 even has four 10GE ports for those bandwidth hungry applications like video. Techaya’s military grade routers support static, RIP and OSPFv2 routing along with advanced QoS, LACP, port security, content aware policers and R/SPAN.

Other Military-grade Hubs and Media/Video Converters

Today’s modern military communications requires a myriad of systems, network connections and devices to be interconnected with reliable, MIL-STD, COTS compliant hubs and media and video converters.

The newest of Techaya’s product lines, these communication grid solutions combine LAN, USB and serial communication into a miniature form factor hub. Designed for dismounted soldiers and other applications that require device connectivity in a tiny size with low weight, they feature 10/100 (Fast Ethernet), USB, serial, RS-232, and SoC to USB conversion along with an external power source input.

Techaya’s complete lines of media converters extend and enhance the flexibility of your tactical network. Developed specifically for military and harsh defense applications, these MIL-STD, COTs compliant solutions offer up to 2 Gigabit copper ports, 10/100/1000 Base-TX and two 100/1000 Base-FX fiber ports.

The MILTECH 5002 is a robust solution for transferring video, serial (RS-422), and discrete signals over single strand tactical fiber to provide connectivity to IP-enabled systems and net-centric devices. The MILTECH 5002 is currently being used to control remote guided missile battery units which communicate to a command and control center via secure MIL-STD fiber connection with only 30us of delay.

Techaya Military Ethernet products are exclusively sold in the US by MilSource.