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DEC > Systems
11/03-MB LSI11 CPU 16KMOS CONSOLE 240V (Used)
11/03-N 1103 CPU W/32K MOS 120/240V (Used)
11/03-ND CPU W/32KW + LPV11/RLV11 240V (Used)
11/23-BC 11/23+ CPU 256KB MOS 120V (Used)
11/23-BD 11/23+ CPU 256KB MOS 240V (Used)
11/23-BE 11/23+ CPU 512KB MOS 120V (Used)
11/23-BF 11/23+ CPU 512KB MOS 240V (Used)
11/24-XX 11/24 CPU & BOX 120V (Used)
11/24-XY 11/24 CPU & BOX 240V (Used)
11/24-YX 11/24 CPU & BOX 120V (Used)
11/24-YY 11/24 CPU & BOX 240V (Used)
11/44-XX CPU CACHE BC44A-10 BAX 120V (Used)
11/44-XY CPU CACHE BC44A-10 BOX 240V (Used)
11/73-BA 11/73-B CPU 256KB MOS 120V (Used)
11/73-BB 11/73-B CPU 256KB MOS 240V (Used)
11/73-BC 11/73-B CPU 512KB MOS 120V (Used)
11/73-BD 11/73-B CPU 512KB MOS 240V (Used)
11/83-UA 11/83 CPU 2MB PMI DIAG SWUPGR (Used)
11/83-UB 11/83 CPU 2MB PMI DIAG SWUPGR (Used)
11/83-UC 11/83 CPU 2MB PMI SWUPGR (Used)
1134A-XX CPUDL11 BA11 M9302 M9312 120V (Used)
11750-AA KERNAL CPU 120V (Used)
11750-AB KERNAL CPU 240V (Used)
11750-BB CPU512KB MOS LA38 DZ11 240V (Used)
11750-CA CPU 1MB DD11 DZ11 TU58 120V (Used)
11750-FA CPU CAB 1MB VMSN/S 110/50-60 (Used)
11750-FB CPU CAB 1MB VMS N/S 240/50-60 (Used)
11751-CA RACK MNT CPU 1MB QD001-DZ 120 (Used)
11751-CB RACK MNT CPU 1MB QD001-DZ 240 (Used)
11780-CA CPU 256KB A9600 60HZ 120V 3P (Used)
11780-CD CPU 256KB H9600 50HZ 240V 3P (Used)
11780-CE CPU 128KB ECC/MOS LA36 120V60 (Used)
11780-CP CPU256KB ECC/MOS LA120 120/60 (Used)
11780-CT CPU256KB ECC/MOS LA120 240/50 (Used)
11780-CW CPU 1MB ECC/MOS LA120 120 (Used)
11A23-F CPU RX 256KB T/T (NO KIT) (Used)
11A23-FK CPU RX50 256KB RQDX3T/T (Used)
11A23-R CPU RX 256KB R/M (NO KIT) (Used)
11A23-RK CPU RX50 256KB RQDX3 R/M (Used)
11C23-F CPU RD/RX 256KB T/T (NO KIT) (Used)
11C23-FA CPU RD/RX 256KB T/T U.S.A. (Used)
11C23-R CPU RD/RX 256KB R/M (NO KIT) (Used)
11C23-RA CPU RD/RX 256KB R/M U.S.A. (Used)
11E23-FD CPU 31MB/RX50 256KB T/T (Used)
11E23-FE CPU 31MB/RX50 512KB T/T (Used)
11E23-FK CPU 31MB/RX50 256KB RQDX3 T/T (Used)
11E23-FL CPU 31MB/RX50 512KB RQDXB T/T (Used)
11E23-RD CPU 31MB/RX50 256KB R/M (Used)
11E23-RE CPU 31MB/RX50 512KB R/M (Used)
11E23-RK CPU 31MB/RX50 256KB RQDX3 R/M (Used)
11E23-RL CPU 31MB/RX50 512KB RQDX3 R/M (Used)
11V03-JA CPU W/16K RAM 2 RX01 120V60HZ (Used)
11Z53-AA 53+ CPU 1.5mb BA23 rack 120v (Used)
11Z53-AB 53+ CPU 1.5mb BA23 rack 240v (Used)
11Z93-AA 11/93CPU 2 Mb BA23rack 120v (Used)
11Z93-AB 11/93CPU 2 Mb BA23rack 240v (Used)
11Z93-BA 11/93CPU 4 Mb BA23rack 120v (Used)
11Z93-BB 11/93CPU 4 Mb BA23rack 240v (Used)
DEC > Spares
12-41706-03 HEAT SINK CPU (Used)
12-46311-01 INTEL 586 CPU CLAMP (Used)
DEC > Cab-Kit and Cables
17-01534-01 MV3 CABLE FROM CPU TO MEM (Used)
17-02785-02 60 PIN CABLE TO CPU (Used)
17-02786-03 40 PIN CABLE TO CPU (Used)
DEC > Systems
193QZ-D3 DCJ11/FPJ11 CPU (KDJ11-EA) (Used)
DEC > Spares
21-40601-02 486SX-25 CPU (Used)
21-40601-03 486SX-33 CPU (Used)
21-40733-01 80486 DX4-100 CPU (Used)
21-43868-05 P6 CPU 200MHZ/256K CACHE (Used)
21-43868-06 P6 180MHZ 256K CPU (Used)
21-43868-09 P6 CPU 200MHZ 256K (Used)
21-45670-01 K6 CPU 166MHZ (Used)
21-45670-02 K6 CPU 200MHZ (Used)
21-45670-03 K6 CPU 233MHZ (Used)
21-45670-04 K6 CPU 166MHZ (Used)
21-45670-05 K6 CPU 200MHZ 321 CPGA (Used)
29-24238 LA50 CPU/LOGIC (Used)
29-24238-00 CPU LA50 (Used)
29-26154 LG01/02 CONTROL CPU MODULE (Used)
29-28092-01 BEDS 325C CPU LOGIC BOARD (Used)
29-28140-01 BE316+ CPU LOGIC BOARD ASSY (Used)
29-28142-01 BE333C CPU LOGIC BOARD ASSY (Used)
29-28553-01 BEDS 425C CPU BOARD (Used)
29-28851-01 BEDECSTATION 320+ CPU LOGIC B (Used)
29-29509-01 PDCNX 500 CPU BOARD (Used)
29-33978-01 CPU SUB-ASSY (Used)
29-81947-00 CHMCPU BOARD (Used)
DEC > Systems
31JXR-AA 3100 40/80 CPU UPGRADE TO 85 (Used)
450NR-AA AS 2100 4/200 CPU WNT (Used)
450NR-AA AS2100 A500MP SMP CPU-NT (Used)
450YR-AA AS 2100 4/200 CPU VMS (Used)
455AR-AA AS2000 2100 4/233 SMP CPU OSF (Used)
455NR-AA AS2000 2100 4/233 SMP CPU WNT (Used)
455YR-AA AS2000 2100 4/233 SMP CPU VMS (Used)
460AR-AA AS 2100 4/275 SMP CPU OSF (Used)
460NR-AA AS 2100 4/275 SMP CPU WNT (Used)
460NR-UA 2100 4/200-275 CPU UPG WNT (Used)
460XR-AA AS 2100 4/275 SMP CPU HW (Used)
460XR-UA 2100 4/200-275 CPU UPG (Used)
460YR-AA AS 2100 4/275 SMP CPU VMS (Used)
460YR-AA UPGRADE (1X 4/275MHZ. CPU) (Used)
470AR-UC 4/275->5/250 CPU UPG OSF (Used)
470NR-AA UPGRADE (1X 5/250 MHZ. CPU) (Used)
470NR-UA 4/200 233->5/250 CPU UPG WNT (Used)
470NR-UC 4/275->5/250 CPU UPG WNT (Used)
470YR-AA UPGRADE (1X 5/250MHZ. CPU) (Used)
470YR-UC 4/275->5/250 CPU UPG VMS (Used)
47GEX-C9 MV3100-40/90-16 CPU Upgde/Dnt (Used)
47GEX-CK MV3100-40/90-16 CPU Upgde/Unl (Used)
47GEX-E9 MV3100-40/90-64 CPU Upgde/Dnt (Used)
47GEX-EK MV3100-40/90-64 CPU Upgde/Unl (Used)
47HEX-C9 MV3100-80/90-16 CPU Upgde/Dnt (Used)
47HEX-CK MV3100-80/90-16 CPU Upgde/Unl (Used)
47HEX-E9 MV3100-80/90-64 CPU Upgde/Dnt (Used)
47HEX-EK MV3100-80/90-64 CPU Upgde/Unl (Used)
47XR -AA MV3100-40 to -80 cpu upgrade (Used)
480NR-AA UPGRADE (1X 5/300MHZ. CPU) (Used)
480XR-UB AS2X00 5/250->5/300 CPU UPGRAD (Used)
480XR-UB AS2x00 5/250 -> 5/300 CPU UPG (Used)
480YR-AA UPGRADE (1X 5/300MHZ. CPU) (Used)
49JAC-AA MV3100-88 TO 98 CPU UPGRADE (Used)
49XR -AA MV3100-90/95 to 96 CPU Upg (Used)
49ZBM-B9 MVAX3196 SBB KA56CPU BA42Benc (Used)
DEC > Spares
54-16798-01 MV2000 CPU KA410-A (Used)
54-16798-02 VS2000 CPU (Used)
54-16909-01 MONO CPU MODULE (Used)
54-17158-01 CPU BOARD FOR VAXMATE (Used)
54-17312-01 CPU VS3100 MODEL 30 OLD STYLE (Used)
54-18856-01 MV3100-10 CPU BOARD (Used)
54-18856-01 ASSY TEAM-MATE 2 CPU CAR (Used)
54-18856-02 ASSY TEAM-MATE 2 CPU DARD (S (Used)
54-18856-02 MV3100 CPU MODEL-10E (Used)
54-18856-04 MV3100-10E/20E CPU (Used)
54-18856-05 MV3100-10E/20E SERVER CPU BRD (Used)
54-19338-01 CPU & MEMORY CAB KIT FOR KA680 (Used)
54-19463-02 DS2100 CPU KN01 (Used)
54-19783-01 CPU BOARD (Used)
54-19811-01 DS5000/200 CPU BOARD (Used)
54-19847-01 VS3100 MODEL 76 CPU MODULE (Used)
54-19847-01 SYSTEM CPU VS3100-76 (Used)
54-20344 MOTHER BOARD (CPU) (Used)
54-20424-01 DS5100 CPU BOARD (Used)
54-20530-05 CPU MODULE WITH FPU 4 MEG B (Used)
54-20559-01 NVAX CPU FOR VAX BRICK DS (Used)
54-20569-01 VAX 4705 CPU BOARD (Used)
54-20615-01 20MHZ SYSTEM CPU MODULE (Used)
54-20615-02 25MHZ SYSTEM CPU MODULE (Used)
54-20627 DS5000/240 CPU 40MZ CPU (Used)
54-20627-02 DS5000 40MHZ CPU MODULE (Used)
54-20654-01 MV3100/30-40 CPU BOARD (Used)
54-20674-01 EV4 NS CPU EISA BUS JENSE (Used)
54-20674-02 EV4 6.6NS CPU EISA BUS (Used)
54-20674-02 CPU BOARD FOR AXP 150 (Used)
54-20674-04 ASSY 6.6NS CPU (CULZEAN/JENS (Used)
54-20768-01 VLC VAX WS CPU MODULE KA48 (Used)
54-20768-01 VLC VAX WS CPU MODULE (Used)
54-21149-02 3000/400 CPU (Used)
54-21177-01 VS4000/90 CPU (Used)
54-21177-02 VS4000/90A CPU (Used)
54-21177-02 VS 4000-90 CPU (Used)
54-21177-03 KA49 CPU 10 NS NVAX CHIP (Used)
54-21177-03 VS4000/96 CPU (Used)
54-21331-01 33MHZ SYSTEM CPU MODULE KN02- (Used)
54-21331-01 DS5000/133 CPU (Used)
54-21333-01 CPU PS (Used)
54-21337-01 20MHZ SYSTEM CPU MODULE/PQFP (Used)
54-21337-01 DS5000/25 CPU (Used)
54-21337-02 DS5000/25 CPU (Used)
54-21337-02 25MHZ SYSTEM CPU MODULE/PQFP (Used)
54-21797-01 NVAX CPU 128KB CACHE 14N (Used)
54-21797-01 MAIN CPU LOGIC/KA52A (Used)
54-21797-02 VAX4000/105A CPU (Used)
54-21797-02 VAX 4000-105A CPU (Used)
54-21797-03 NVAX CPU 512KB CACHE 10NS (Used)
54-21797-03 MV4106 CPU BOARD (Used)
54-21797-04 MV3100/85 MAIN CPU LOGIC BRD (Used)
54-21797-04 NVAX CPU 128KB CACHE 16NS (Used)
54-21821-01 33 MHZ CPU MODULE STARBURST (Used)
54-21823-01 50 MHZ CPU MODULE STARBURST (Used)
54-22036-01 MODULE 486X/33MHZ CPU W/CACH (Used)
54-22036-02 486DX2/50 MHZ CPU (Used)
54-22038-02 MODULE 386DX/40MHZ CPU W/CAC (Used)
54-22040-01 MODULE 486SX/25MHZ CPU W/CAC (Used)
54-22257 CPU DUA/ AS3300 DAUGHTER (Used)
54-22257-01 DEC 3000-300 CPU DAU BOARD (Used)
54-22257-03 3000-300X CPU DAUGHTER CARD (Used)
54-22257-03 DEC3000/300 CPU BOARD (350MHZ) (Used)
54-22257-04 ALPHA 3000/300 CPU (250 MHZ) (Used)
54-22257-04 DEC 3000-300LX CPU (Used)
54-22285-01 50MHZ INTEL 486DX2 BASED CPU (Used)
54-22593-01 VME SBC CPU 160 MHZ (Used)
54-22593-02 VME SBC CPU 64 MHZ (Used)
54-22593-03 VME SBC CPU 64 MHZ NO CACHE (Used)
54-22683-07 MODULE 486/ISA MB W/O CPU (Used)
54-22697-03 MODULE 433DX/466D2 CPU CARD W (Used)
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