Network Design & Optimization


Network Design & Optimization

Optimize & Enhance Your Network

Continental offers comprehensive network designs, re-designs, and design reviews for SMB Enterprise network infrastructures. Whether it’s a pure Cisco-based network or a multi-vendor, equipment-based network, we have the necessary expertise.

We understand that networks often grow organically and do not always follow best-design practices. That’s why our Network IP design consultants will audit your infrastructure to identify current as well as foreseeable bottlenecks, advise upgrades, and locate network security risks. Afterwards, you will receive a design review document reflecting the high availability, reliability, resilience, security, performance and manageability of your network.

Our network design services are as follows:

  • Layer 2 Design (Spanning Tree, Trunking, Ether Channels etc.)
  • Layer 3 Design (IP Design, Routing Protocols, First Hop redundancy etc.)
  • High Availability (HA) at Layer 2 & Layer 3
  • Centrally-managed WiFi
  • Site-to-site gigabit wireless connectivity
  • Design for network growth
  • Security
  • Consolidation considerations
  • VoIP/Video readiness (Quality of Service)

Management (SNMP, RMON, Netflow, Syslog etc.)

If your company wants to utilize the latest technology, such as VoIP or multimedia conferencing but your legacy network has limited support for it, contact our team to assist you in choosing new hardware, appropriate Quality of Service implementations and any necessary infrastructure development.

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