Network Design & Optimization

Routing and Switching

Planning Makes Perfect

To optimize performance and traffic flow, your network needs to be well designed for routing and switching. This is a comprehensive effort that incorporates many elements. That’s why at Continental our routing & switching consultants employ strategic project planning to ensure proper installation, sound network design, and ongoing support of your network. Through the installation of a three-tiered structure, we can ensure high-availability, scalability and manageability. The end result is an efficient and highly functional routing and switching network that best serves all of your company’s needs.

We optimize your LAN switched networks through precise configuration of:

  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP/RSTP/MST)
  • Layer 2 & Layer 3 Ether Channels
  • Virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • VLAN Trunking (ISL & 802.1q)
  • Layer 2 Security

We have extensive experience with most protocols and design requirements:

  • Static Routing
  • RIPv1 & RIPv2 (Routing Information Protocol)
  • OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)
  • EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)
  • IS-IS (Intermediate System to Intermediate System)
  • ODR (On Demand Routing)
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
  • PBR (Policy Based Routing) & Traffic Engineering
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • IPv6 (IP Version 6)

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