Employee Monitoring & Surveillance


Employee Monitoring & Surveillance

Keep an Eye on Internet & Desktop Activity

Now there’s a powerful tool to enforce your company’s acceptable-use policy for network resources. Uncover Internet abuse. Discourage the leaking of confidential information. Discover usage that may expose you to legal risks. Plus increase productivity by eliminating time-wasting activities like online shopping and personal chatting.

Track Unauthorized Usage

Our surveillance software records Internet and computer activities from each of your employees in a customizable database – you can actually see what an employee does each and every second. This data is then used to generate more than fifty comprehensive reports that detail activities such as:

  • Non-business web browsing
  • Shopping, sports, and adult sites
  • Chat or use of anonymous email services
  • Emails sent with attachments
  • Possible leaking of confidential information via removable media
  • Printing of sensitive documents
  • Employees arriving late or leaving early, as well as length of lunch breaks
  • Employee search results from Google, Yahoo and MSN

Filter Unwanted Sites

In addition to monitoring, you can also block access to specific web sites or categories considered inappropriate for your workplace. Restrictions can be limited to individuals, groups, departments or company-wide.

Protect Yourself & Your Profits

The number one reason to use employee-monitoring software is because it costs you money when you don’t. Using it focuses your work force, prevents exposure to legal damages, and helps keep inter-office information confidential. Contact Continental to find out more about how our Employee Monitoring & Surveillance consultants can help you.

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