HP Renew

Like New & Green Friendly

Why pay retail prices when you can get the same product for much less, and with a warranty too? Our HP Renew products are leading edge, not legacy. Some items are only six-months old! In fact refurbished servers from HP are the mirror image of new products, but come at a greatly reduced cost. Plus purchasing these products is an environmentally sound choice that lets you reduce your carbon footprint while saving money.

Same Server. Same Warranty. Less Money

These items are totally stripped down and rebuilt to as-new condition and then shipped directly from the manufacturer. They come with an as-new warranty and include the EULA for any embedded software. There are even upgrades available for legacy systems.

Get the Most for Your Money

Refurbished servers are the smart way to upgrade while making the most of your IT budget. Contact Continental to get the quality you trust at a fraction of the cost for new equipment.

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