Site to Site wireless Bridging


Site to Site wireless Bridging

Complete Coverage & No Monthly Fees

Enjoy complete coverage anywhere you need it with virtually no downtime. Wireless bridging is a must-have for any company with multiple buildings in one city or campus. By allowing different wireless networks to interface with each other, wireless bridging offers smooth communication with no recurring service provider fees. Connect multiple buildings at speeds up to 1-GBps with 99.9% reliability.

  • Speeds up to 1-GBps
  • Reliability up to 99.9%
  • Installs in hours
  • No recurring service provider fees

Up & Running In Hours

Continental can professionally install your system, including running cables, erecting any required poles or towers, aligning antennas, and configuring the radios. With our expert help, networks up to thirty-miles apart can be linked. Installation only takes hours, making this an ideal solution for emergency or temporary deployment. Contact one of our expert technicians to find the solution that’s best for your wireless needs.

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